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Aptech Group's senior officers pay working visit to Aprotrain

Bản tiếng Việt

CEO Ninard Karpe and a high-ranking delegation from Aptech Group on May 23 and 24 visited Aprotrain-Aptech and Arena Multimedia, two of Aprotrain's training centres, which have succeeded in implementing the group's franchise training programs.

The working visit was paid on the occasion of the 10th anniversary since the group commenced its associated training programs in Vietnam (1999-2009).

Vietnam's potentials

After signing a cooperation program in 2005, Aprotrain has up to now put four training centres into operation. Two Aprotrain-Aptech Computer Education centres in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh offer Aptech Certified Computer Professional (ACCP) and Aptech Certified Network Administration (ACNA) training courses. Two Arena Multimedia Education centres provide Arena Multimedia Specialist Program (AMSP).

Aprotrain's training centres focus on training and supplying high quality human resources to the local IT market in general and the software industry in particular. These centres have trained a total of over 4,000 students. All ACCP and AMSP training programs have received ISO 9001 certification for their training management. Advantages in competing, attracting learners and convincing employers include market-driven training, programs built on the most updated technological trends and combination of professional training and softskills such as team working skills and information exchange skills. Consequently, as much as 95% of graduates have managed to find jobs.

Aprotrain's Chief Operating Officer Chu Tuan Anh (third from left to right) introduces training activities at the centre to Mr. Ninad (the second from left to right) and other members of the delegation

Visiting the practice studio at Arena Multimedia Education Centre

This system of training centres has been elected as the leading IT provider in Vietnam for several years. After ten years of introduction of training programs, Vietnam has ranked in top five among countries which have recorded the most successful implementation of Aptech's training model worldwide.

In addition to the working agenda, the group's executive board held talks on and shared with students occupational orientation and human resource needs of the global IT sector and support programs intended for students. The CEO awarded a certificate of merit to student Vu Thanh Huong from Class C0810HV for her active and enthusiastic participation in activities initiated by the centre in particular and social activities in general.

Opportunities ahead

Remarkably, during the visit, Mr. Ninad Karpe on behalf of the group granted the award of "Excellence Training Unit" to Aprotrain-Aptech International Programmer Centre to honor its contributions to ensuring training quality and well providing care for learners during and after training courses.

"I am very delighted to visit the Aprotrain-Aptech centre in Hanoi", said Mr. Ninad Karpe when sending a letter of commendation to Aprotrain-Aptech after his visit. "The centre has excellent facilitation, good layout, vibrant colours, and above all, excellent staff. I am confident that the centre would offer each student excellent education and training", he added.

"When any student graduates from the centre, he/she will become a good professional," he said. "My best wishes remain with this centre", he concluded his letter.

Experience and achievements gained by Aprotrain will serve as a firm basis to further expand its current training scale and deploy new training products between the two parties in the future.

The letter of commendation sent by the CEO to the Aprotrain-Aptech centre after his visit here

(Source: Aprotrain)





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