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Denmark provides administration training for Vietnamese enterprises

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Within the framework of its economic assistance program aimed at developing countries, through capacity improvement activities in the private sector, the Danish government has implemented the project entitled "Initiatives for the Private Sector in 2008-2012". Aprotrain was the first IT training company to receive grants awarded by the government to participate in the project last June.

In developing countries, small and medium enterprises play a key role in their economies. As a result, the project is intended to help private enterprises standardise their management process, create more gains and raise internal performance through improving knowledge of and skills in business management and market-oriented development.

To receive grants to join courses, enterprises are required to meet strict criteria of the project such as achieving good growth, taking an influential role in their business fields and lines and using professional manufacturing and management procedures. Upon the satisfaction of these criteria, enterprises are likely to have sufficient capacity and experience to apply trained knowledge to their development models as well as transfer such knowledge and experience to domestic enterprises, contributing to the development of the local economy.

As a company specialising in training, particularly Information Technology training, Aprotrain has become the first information technology training provider to receive grants under the project. Danish partners have highly appreciated the company in a number of respects such as its management system meeting international standards (ISO), high average growth of 183% in recent years, more than ten year experience in providing training services and service by a league of leading IT experts.

During the two-week training at COWI training centre in Copenhagen, Denmark has transferred knowledge of improvement of product and service quality, optimisation of costs as well as introduction of corporate cultures to achieve development goals. Aprotrain is expected not only to use the knowledge provided through the project to facilitate its development process but also become a bridge for Information Technology and training projects between companies of the two countries, contributing to the development of Vietnam's Information Technology industry in the coming time.

The class was attended by 14 executives of corporations from different countries.

Trainees taking picture with Danish trainers

(Source: Aprotrain)





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