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Creating human resources pool for software outsourcing

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On the past two days of November 11, 12, the Global Sourcing Forum + Expo took place in New York, the United States. This is the largest Forum + Expo in the world on the outsourcing in the information technology (IT) industry, attracting the participation of nearly 100 enterprises from 25 nations.

Bright prospects

Vietnamese delegation led by the Ministry of Information and Communication, the Vietnam Software Association (Vinasa) and nine leading IT enterprises in Vietnam have attended the Expo. Aprotrain Corporation is the first and sole training enterprise in Vietnam attending the world’s leading event.

This is the global large-scale Expo of the world software industry. In seminars in the framework of this Expo, leaders and presidents of giant IT Groups in the world have presented problems relating to the outsourcing in the IT industry in 2009 such as: real situation, challenges, tendency and sharing of strategies, and successful experience in this field. In addition, enterprises have many opportunities to meet and seek partners in order to co-operate in deploying projects on products and services in IT industry.

For the Vietnamese software industry, through the world’s Outsourcing Expo, bright prospects for the development in the future can be affirmed. So far, software projects mainly are transfered to nations with strong IT manpower such as India and China. However, in recent years, these nations have increased the production prices, which causes the nations looking for partners of software outsourcing to find other nations with lower expenses. With potential advantages: young, intelligent and painstaking workforce, espencially low expenses, Vietnam is an ideal destination for the groups needing to outsource software.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan, the Chief Executive Officer and Mr. Chu Tuan Anh, the Chief Operating Officer of Aprotrain Corporation (the third and the fourth from the left), taken photograph with Mr. Nguyen Minh Hong, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications (the second from the left) at Google.

Human resource advantages?

Although the potentiality of software outsourcing is so good, when attending this world leading event, Vietnamese enterprises have only aimed at the target of approaching, studying and preparing for the plan to "move to big sea" in the next years. Why is the target of Vietnamese IT enterprises is so humble? The main problem falls to IT human resources. The software projects in the world require the participation of thousands of computer programmers. However, there are few Vietnamese software companies which have sufficient computer programmers. Enterprises always meet with difficulties in the human resource recruitment. IT graduates fresh out of the university lack both the knowledge about technology and working skills, enterprises need to retrain them from 6-8 months so that they can work. IT human resources in Vietnam is short of both in quality and quantity.

Being the top group in Vietnam, Aprotrain has the over-ten-year experience of deploying the vocational training on information technology and providing professional and experienced human resouces for Vietnam’s IT industry, focusing on professions: International computer programmers, Network system experts, multi-media fine arts designers. At the present, Aprotrain has four training establishments in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City with over 3,000 trainees. The advantages of training the newest technologies, and working skills, organizing services for introducing employment have helped 95% graduates from the centres of Aprotrain to get their jobs immediately. Most of trainees accepted in enterprises can work immediately and only in the short time they have succeed and had the promotion in the position of managers such as team leaders or project managers.

With strong changes in the field of software outsourcing in the world, software projects have been transferred to the new area with lower expenses, this is a favourable oppotunity for IT industry in Vietnam to break through. The models of application training at the international level as Aprotrain need to be further deployed in order to sufficenlty provide the manpower and help the information technology industry of Vietnam to move to "big sea".

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