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IT success in Vietnam

Bản tiếng Việt

The IT sector is by far the most popular sector among Danish companies applying for B2B support. One year after the large Danish IT delegation to Vietnam, IT and graphics partnerships comprise 1/4 of the B2B project portfolio. And two more IT companies have just been approved for the pilot phase.

“The Danish interest in Vietnam’s IT sector has exceeded all expectations; we have surely proven that such delegations pay off in the long run,” says Ambassador of Denmark, Peter Lysholt Hansen.

And the latest two grants for pilot phases have been given to ambitious partnerships in software development and digital imaging – Traen A/S and Color Club A/S, respectively.

Traen A/S's visit to Aprotrain on 8th March 2008

Traen A/S, a company with 10 years experience developing electronic case management systems, will be conducting a Feasibility Study with Aprotrain, a Vietnamese training and software company. The long term goal of the partnership is to create a software company with its own development team, project managers, services, sales and marketing selling to the companies of Traen and if feasible to pursue market opportunities worldwide. A lot of new jobs will be created and promising potential benefits for both companies.

Color Club is entering a pilot project with Syma Viet with the aim to build a worldwide competitive graphic production house in Ho Chi Minh City. The partnership will establish a Joint Venture during the pilot phase this year. And it is expected that the cooperation can lead to creation of more than 50 jobs. The transfer of Danish know-how can secure a sustained competitiveness of the potential collaboration.

For more information on the B2B Programme, please contact B2B Coordinator Le Thi Thanh Loan

(Source: Ambassy of Denmark)




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